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Bismillahe Rahmanee Raheem (In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

Asalamalakium Wa Rahamtullahe Wa Barakatuhu, (Peace Bu Upon All Of You)

This website is created for all the parents out there who want to Home School their children, or who want to get them works books to study at home in addition to their public schooling or private schooling.

Most importantly this site is designed to encourage, inspire and motivate all the home schooling parents to continue home schooling their child or children. When I first started to home school I looked every where for Home Schooling websites that were designed for the parent who was an achiever, who had goals and dreams for their children. I found very few, and most were outdated or had no contact information. I had to learn by trial and error, and I am hoping that this website helps you and your children in many ways, inshAllaah (God Willing).

Please feel free to let your child play the games, read the articles, watch the videos, and check out our products. InshAllaah with time we will have more curriculums added to our products page, more games to game section age appropriate, and more articles and videos. Please bookmark this page and sign up for our newsletter so that you will be informed of any new game, article, or video that we release- inshAllaah.

Jazak Allaah Khairan for your support, and please make lots of duas for my team and I, that Allaah (SWT) blesses our work, and accepts it from us as Ibidah. Ameen.

To Your Success!
Zohra Sarwari