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Homeschool Requirements

by Zohra Sarwari - Posted on May 21st, 2012

Homeschooling requirements vary from state to state and from online to offline schools. If you choose to use an online school check with that school to find out what the requirements are and if you choose to use an offline school so that you can be in more control of what you are teaching check with your state’s homeschooling association. Here are some of the basic homeschooling requirements throughout all the states.

Registering All school aged students must be registered in some type of school. This will keep the parents out of trouble if the state finds out that the children are not in school. It is really easy to resister your children for homeschool all you have to is decide what homeschool you want to attend and contact the enrolling office. They will send you the necessary paperwork you fill it out and send it back. You will not be able to get any books and materials if your child is not registered with a homeschool.

Curriculum This will be the biggest homeschool decision you have to make because there are so many homeschool curriculums out there. As a parent you know your child best and you should choose a homeschool curriculum that fits your child best. If you can’t find one then you can choose from the many homeschool subjects available from the homeschool book resources and create your own program. No matter which way you choose to go you will need to teach your child something this is why you are homeschooling. Some states require that you send in a copy of your lesson plans so that they know what you are teaching and when you are teaching them.

Attendance If you were to send your child to school they would be required to attend a certain number of days or they will be made to repeat the grade the same is true with homeschooling. Each state has different laws when it comes to how many days a child has to attend school. If you choose an online school they keep track of your child’s attendance every time he logs in. If you choose an offline school you may have to keep an attendance log that you send the school so that the school can make sure your child is attending school. Children in homeschool tend to have fewer absences because of the flexible schedule than children in regular schools.

Teaching Time Many school teachers spend a certain amount of time teaching the students in a classroom before they move on to the next activity. Yes in school it takes longer for all the students to get what the teacher is teaching. In homeschool you are required to teach a certain number of hours. Some homeschools require a teaching log so they can see how long you taught each day others are not so tight on how long as long as you are teaching. Before your child in a homeschool program be sure to see what the teaching time guidelines are.

Homeschooling can be a great experience depending on what you make it. By abiding by all the laws of your state and your homeschool you will be on the right step to making your child’s education a memorable one.