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Home School VS Public School

by Zohra Sarwari - Posted on February 21st, 2012

Depending on whom you ask you will get different responses. I will uncover some of the things that will help you decide if homeschool is better or worse than public schools.
First let’s talk about the classroom. In a public school you have a room full of students every one different than the rest. This means that there will be times a lesson has to be taught more than one time so that the teacher makes sure every child understands the lesson. There are times when a lesson has to be stopped to discipline a child that causes the whole class to get off track. If your child is having trouble there may be times when they do not get the attention they need because the teacher has to finish the book by the end of the year. In homeschool there is only one child so there is one set of rules that he should follow and when he is good there is no stopping the class to discipline him. When he does not follow the rules then you can deal with him and move on. Since your child is the only student he can learn at his own pace if he gets one subject better than others you can spend more time where needed and less time where needed.
In public school the students spend little time in the class they are always on the move going to art, music, PE, computer lab, etc. At At home school you can have all of this planned into your lesson. If you do not want your child to take a specific elective then you can use your time doing something else. In public school your child is required to be there for at least 6 hours. In home school you can get the same thing done in half the time leaving the afternoon free for the teacher and the child to do other things like go to the park or watch the clouds float by. You also no longer have to make your child miss a day of school because of a doctor’s appointment. Appointments can be made in the afternoon when the doctor is not busy and you can get the school work done earlier that morning.
Public schools are always trying to raise money for new computers or to go on a field trip so your child brings home candy bars to sell making you ask all your family to buy candy so your child don’t look bad if he don’t sell any candy. In home school there are no fund raisers and you can choose to take a field trip anywhere you want whenever you want. No candy involved.

These are just a few ways that public schools and home schooling is different. Of course when you are considering making a huge decision like taking your children out of public school to homeschool them there should be a lot of research done. Spend a lot of time on the internet searching homeschooling and comparing homeschool and public and private school. The more research you do the better informed you will be.